Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Monday Update #3

Oops! This is going up a little past the due date, but hopefully you'll forgive me. We got a little distracted by Rocket League tonight. ;)

New stuff!
- Fixed some long-standing issues with the animation system.
- Implemented social hub UI for all existing social hubs
- Moved party customization so that it occurs after the intro cinematic and objectives reveal
- Reworked terrain checking for direct abilities with 3D positions
- New music for Athens Acropolis, Corinth, and Rhodes
- Completed first pass at SH6 Athens dialogue

Re-implementing the social hubs with the new UI was a big task that I had put off in favor of focusing on our critical path, but having it in place is pretty vital when we need to reference a story detail. Now that they're all hooked up, it also means playtesters can explore a bit more freely, which is a bonus. Expect another post this week with a playthrough video of the new experience.

Moving the customization screen into the combat path itself is something I'm really excited about. I always wondered why Final Fantasy Tactics let you position your troops in a precise manner before you had any idea what the encounter actually entailed.

Is the enemy going to be on the left? In front? Behind? Are the first two squares on top of a cliff? You had no idea until you locked it in.

Now in Hellenica, you'll see the introduction cinematic play out that shows off the battlefield, highlights the threats you'll be facing, and explains the objectives. Only then will you choose what abilities you'd like to take with you into the fight. Hopefully this will set the player up for success.

As for this week, I'm planning on getting back into some level building later in the week, so expect some twitch streaming right here!

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