Sunday, May 10, 2015


Sorry our updates have become less regular as of late; it's been a period of change for Dragonloft. There's a couple reasons, but the biggest one is that I've accepted a programming job in California. My motivations for this move are mostly personal, though we certainly appreciate the financial stability that my employment gives us.

One thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to finishing this project, Kurt is still working full-time and pounding out levels, and I made sure that my new job allows me at least some freedom to work on Hellenica. Additionally, our new dialogue tool, Thoth (reveal video forthcoming) should better enable our writer to implement lines directly, as opposed to needing to go through me.

We're still not sure what this means for the blog, but my guess is it won't follow a regular schedule, but instead be driven by when we have something cool to show off (I thought Kurt's last post on asset reuse was awesome). I know Kurt's experimenting with streaming, so check that out if you're more interested in day-to-day development.