Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Update #2

Another Monday, another status update!

Last week:
- Updated visuals for each actor's in-world UI
- More social hub background music
- AI reasoning about multiple abilities
- AI reasoning about abilities that target multiple tiles
- Added a new ability for Nephele tentatively called "Sky Shot"
- Made moving platforms play nice with new 3D game positions
- Started nailing down story arcs for some lesser villains
- Added new destination descriptions and departure dialogue lines

Nothing too crazy last week, but we're really excited about the new in-world UI around the actors. The health readouts and facing arrows solve two of the biggest complaints we've heard in playtests.

Also, it's always fun hooking up a new ability to see how it changes up the formula. Sky Shot bears some resemblance to abilities like Charge from Final Fantasy Tactics and Rain of Arrows from Banner Saga. Nephele fires a volley of bolts up into the air that target a small area on the battlefield. Then, at the end of the player's next turn, those bolts land and deal damage to any enemies in those locations. Lovely payout if you're able to predict your enemies' movements, or just move them into position yourself with a few pushes or tosses. ;)

This week we're still working towards getting the final UI elements in for the combat portion of the game. I'm also planning on tackling some long-standing bugs and design improvements as we polish things up on our way to finishing the critical path.

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